Scientific Exchange

MosaCell hosts quartely meetings and an annual symposium for everyone at Maastricht University working with or interesting in working with patient-derived cells . 


MosaCell Meetings

MosaCell hosts quarterly meetings for everyone at Maastricht University. Two scientists present their work and followed by a group discussion on MosaCell activities.




Past meetings:


Sander Rensen - General Surgery: "First experience with pancreatic tumor organoids".


Gunter Kenis - MHeNS, "IPSCs in neuronal disease modeling". 



Dr. I. Lorenzo Moldero - MERLN Institute 

Prof. Dr. Bert Smeets - Clinical Genomics



Prof. Dr. Leon de Windt - Cardiology

Dr. Niki Reynaert - Pulmonology



Dr. Theo Gorgels - University Eye Clinic Maastricht

Drs. Mark van den Hurk - Neuroscience



Prof. Dr. Jan de Boer - MERLN Institute

Dr. Marjolein Caron - Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Florence van Tienen  - Clinical Genetics

Drs. Margo Eijck - BioBank Maastricht 

MosaCell Symposium


The first Annual MosaCell meeting is held at May 18th 2017. This day was organised to optimize interaction between scientist from Maastricht and the South-Limburg region.  


See for more information our Symposium Page