“ The objective of MosaCell is to support research on patient-derived cells for disease modeling and therapy at the Maastricht University Medical Center + 

MosaCell aims to…  


Facilitate research by bringing together scientists with shared interests to exchange knowledge and share reagents and infrastructure. 


Connect researchers by building networks both internally and externally.


Develop knowledge by educating scientists through workshops and other trainings.


Increase success of its researchers through collaborative fundraising efforts and talent development.


Influence policy on (stem) cell research at the UM.


Be a visible presence in the community by outreach and liaising with other networks.

NEWS ! Upcoming symposium 2019

On May 7th,  the 3rd edition of the annual MosaCell symposium will be organized! 


At this years symposium, we will have lectures from internationally renowned keynote speakers and presentations of MUMC+ researchers on the use of MSCs and iPSCs for disease modeling, organoids, and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. There will also be a competition for the best pitch and best poster presentation, so PhD students and post-docs: send your 200-word abstract before April 25th to Mosacell@maastrichtuniversity.nl


Please register at http://2805280a17a2.fikket.nl/event/mosacell-3rd-annual-meeting.

Registration is free, but mandatory and limited to 75 participants. 


We hope to see you all on May 7th between 10.00h and 16.00h at the “groene zaal” UNS50.