Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The department of Orthopedic Surgery and the MERLN Institute have protocols in place to isolate MSCs from bone marrow of patients, for MSC quality control and multipotency. Cells of over 200 patients are available in storage.

Isolate and Differentiate

Maastricht Stem Cell Biobank

Mining the wealth of clinical samples at MUMC+ for advanced stem cell therapies and tissue modeling


Each patient is unique and requires personalised therapy. On the other hand, each patient tells a unique story of complex diseases. MUMC+ has access to a wealth of clinical samples and a diverse array of research groups investigating and treating human disease. Besides analysing tissue samples directly for valuable parameters, tissues can also be used to derive stem cells from, both adult stem cells and induced-pluripotent stem cells. These cells are then used to generate patient-specific disease models, for organ-on-a-chip research or for stem cell therapy. 


The aim of the MSCB is the collection and banking of patient-derived cells and patient characteristics (phenotyping) using standardized procedures, and the training of scientists, so as to facilitate both basic and applied research on stem cells. (METC 15-4-274)